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We are providing free 1:1 online tutoring for students, by students. School may be online but education doesn’t have to stop. By connecting university and high school students across Canada with kids in Grades 4-8, we are bridging the gap in online learning. We will also be connecting students and kids in Bermuda, and more.

Social Educating is currently accepting student/tutor applications! Please find the links below.

About Us

since 2012

As a community, we are all adjusting to a new reality under COVID-19. And for elementary school students, that has meant a complete disruption to their learning; this is particularly alarming given the importance of a strong educational foundation. We believe that every child deserves a quality education and with many parents not in a position to be able to help their children, we knew that there was something that we could do. As university and high school students, we are offering free online tutoring for homework help as a way to bridge the gap in online learning and give kids a fighting chance for a bright future.

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